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8-12 Week Nutrition + Workout Plan
$120 $100
Are you ready to take your journey seriously? Then this package is for you! Get a detailed workout plan AND a detailed meal plan together and save a few dollars while you are at it!
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8-12 Week Nutrition Plan
Working out is barely half of it. The other part is what you eat! Get a customized meal plan that isn't bland or restrictive. Made to get you to your goals while making sure you still get to enjoy food.
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8-12 Week Workout Plan
A detailed workout plan catered to your specific goals and restrictions. With details on sets, reps, form, tempo and much more. Consider it the road map to your fitness journey.
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Success Stories

Our football program is very fortunate to have Sahil as our off-season strength and conditioning coach. Our athletes have improved drastically in their performance on the field. We owe much of our success to Sahil’s dedication in training our athletes.
As a personal trainer Sahil provides our program with a regimental training schedule wich fosters proper technique, ability and understanding of movements. Sahil is an exceptional coach and mentor. I highly recommend him as a personal trainer for his passion, dedication, knowledge and encouragement.  Thank you Sahil

Justin F., Coaching Director

Honestly the most amazing trainer. He makes you feel super comfortable and helps you reach your goal in a short amount of time. I can always count on him!!

Kajal P.

"Sahil is an extremely hard working dedicated person and trainer. He puts his all into pushing clients to be their best self all the time. Python papi is the best trainer!"

Sam L.

When I first met with Sahil, I thought he was very nice and he really understood my goals and what I was looking for to reach those goals. Even though I had a previous injury, he took that into account and made a workout regiment that I really enjoyed and I could feel the improvements in my strength and definition within a few weeks. Even now after I  left the gym that he worked at he still kept in touch and asked how things were going, and even offered to help me when a new plan to shed some of this quarantine weight. He is a great personal trainer and I really appreciate all that he did and continues to do to keep me motivated and moving in the right direction. Thank you again.

Nathan C.

Most of my life I was always on and off with the gym. I never really had any motivation to keep going. I was never committed and I always struggled with losing weight and keeping a body figure. One day I just decided I wanted a trainer and thought that maybe it’ll  help me commit and keep going. The first day I met Sahil I just knew from the start that he was going to be my motivation. I thank him everyday for where he pushed me to be today. Even though I complain a lot he still pushes me to my fullest, puts in effort and time  and tells me I can do it. He really made me believe that I can do it.

Danielle S.

Sahil is the kind of trainer who really listens. Very knowledgeable and takes the time to explain the method to the madness. He's punctual,personable and efficient I highly recommend.

Herby B.

Sahil has been my trainer for a few years now, he’s helped me lose fat and gain a ton of muscle. His programs are great and he understands how to push and motivate you to do your best. With Sahils training I’m stronger, more confident, and look good too!

Jemal O.

Sahil Patel

Having spent all my teen years as an obese adolescent I know all too well how hard beginning a fitness journey can be. "Triple chin", "Fat Sahil", "Micheline tire man" were just some of my nicknames growing up. Having said that, I also know just how satisfying it can be to take the steps to change your life for the better. Now they call me "Python Papi". So let me be the guide on your fitness journey!

I believe in a simple, systematic and time tested method to fitness. No fad diets, no absurd curfews on food, no silly exercises that were designed for no normal human being. I cannot and do not promise quick, easy and frankly unrealistic results. What I do promise however is that if you give me your best I will do the same. Together we can and will reach your goals and have fun doing so.

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