Should I Buy BCAAS?

What are BCAAs?

Branch Chain Amino Acids are 3 essential amino acids (Leucine,Isoleucine and Valine) that your body does not produce. Since your body can’t make these amino acids you’ll have to find them in your food sources. But why do I need BCAAs? Well BCAAs serve several functions: they are involved in the energy consumption within your muscles, they aid in the building of muscle fibres and they reduce fatigue and soreness. Essentially, if you are working out, BCAAs are your friend.

Sweet, So I Should Buy BCAA supplements?

Nope. I know pretty anti-climactic right? So here’s the thing, your body will require you to ingest BCAAS but in all likelihood buying supplements won’t be necessary. Admittedly, I have bought and tried BCAAs for the sake of seeing if they were worth the hype. Sadly like a parent raising an emo teen I was disappointed. While I did feel some relief from fatigue, the reality is I could’ve just focused more on my sleep and gotten the same result without throwing my money away. What you need to know is if you are on top of your diet you are already consuming enough BCAAs.

In reality, you only really need anywhere from 15 to 35 grams of BCAA a day. As such, if you are consistent with eating a well-balanced high protein diet, you are already meeting your BCAA needs. The highest sources of BCAA are found in poultry, fish and meat as well as various nuts and seeds. As luck would have it these food items are essential in any healthy lifestyle, so most individuals are already meeting their daily requirements, without even knowing it!

The Bottom Line

You definitely do need and benefit from BCAAs. However, chances are you are already getting them from your everyday protein sources, assuming you are on top of your diet. If you can stay consistent with your sleep and diet, fatigue shouldn’t be much of a factor. Therefore, do not bother wasting your money at the supplement companies, they are plenty rich enough.

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Should I Buy BCAAS?

BCAA’s, seems like everyone is taking them now, from your out of shape uncle who swears he used to bench two plates to the girl who only works out glutes in her gym shark attire. But the question is, do BCAAs really work?

Sahil Patel

Having spent all my teen years as an obese adolescent I know all too well how hard beginning a fitness journey can be. "Triple chin", "Fat Sahil", "Micheline tire man" were just some of my nicknames growing up. Having said that i also know just how satisfying it can be to take the steps to change your life for the better. Now they call me "Python Papi". So let me be the guide on your fitness journey!

I believe in a simple, systematic and time tested method to fitness. No fad diets, no absurd curfews on food, no absurd exercises that were designed for no normal human being. I cannot and do not promise quick, easy and frankly unrealistic results. What I do promise however is that if you give me your best I will do the same. Together we can and will reach your goals and have fun doing so.

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