5 Easy Tips to Lose Fat

1.      Track Your Calories

The basis of fat loss all boils down to your calories. Pretty simple really, you consume calories throughout the day. Calories are absorbed from your food and used for energy. Whenever you eat more calories than you expend your body conserves this energy in fat cells. This also means if you eat less calories than what you expend your body will use up your fat cells to make up for the energy deficit. There are hundreds of apps, fit watches and websites designed to track how much calories you consume and use. It’s time to start using them!

2.      HIIT Cardio is The Way To Go

High-Intensity Interval Training is one of the few fads you will find me getting behind. The idea is for a certain interval of time you do cardio at a moderate pace (I recommend 1-2 minutes) and then for a shorter amount of time (15-30 seconds) you go as fast as you possibly can.  This method of training burns more calories a shorter amount of time versus normal steady state cardio. It’s also been documented in increasing your metabolic rate hours after, improving oxygen intake efficiency, reducing heart rate and so much more. In short, do HIIT cardio and thank me later.

3.      Drink Water

Water will help you on your health loss journey in several ways. First and foremost its calorie free, so replacing your juices and soda pops with a glass of water will greatly reduce daily caloric intake. Secondly, drinking a glass of water before every meal will suppress appetite. And so, if you are an over eater, drinking water could help with portion control. The biggest thing to remember is water will help boost your metabolic rate, helping you burn more calories daily.

4.      Get Your Sleep

Listen, sleep is always going to be paramount if you are trying to be healthy. The adult human body can require anywhere from 6 to 8 hours of sleep in a day. Studies have shown that those not achieving their sleep requirements were losing less weight versus someone who was getting their full night's rest. Studies also showed those who didn’t sleep enough felt hungrier and more stressed. Stress by the way has been proven to cause weight gain. So to all my nocturnal owls I really don’t give a hoot, go get some sleep.

5.      Hit Those Compound Lifts

A compound lift is any lift that uses more than one muscle at a time. So the staples of compound lifts would be things like squats, deadlifts, bench press, pullups. More muscles engaged means more blood pumping means your heart works harder. And an elevated heart rate means more calories you burn in a shorter time span.

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5 Easy Tips to Lose Fat

Losing fat doesn’t have to be complicated despite what fad diets, instagram models and supplement companies would have you believe. Below you'll find 5 easy ways to shred those love handles. Stick to these like they are your new commandments and you should see results.

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Sahil Patel

Having spent all my teen years as an obese adolescent I know all too well how hard beginning a fitness journey can be. "Triple chin", "Fat Sahil", "Micheline tire man" were just some of my nicknames growing up. Having said that i also know just how satisfying it can be to take the steps to change your life for the better. Now they call me "Python Papi". So let me be the guide on your fitness journey!

I believe in a simple, systematic and time tested method to fitness. No fad diets, no absurd curfews on food, no absurd exercises that were designed for no normal human being. I cannot and do not promise quick, easy and frankly unrealistic results. What I do promise however is that if you give me your best I will do the same. Together we can and will reach your goals and have fun doing so.

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