About the trainer

Sahil Patel

Having spent all my teen years as an obese adolescent i know all too well how hard beginning a fitness journey can be. "Triple chin", "Fat Sahil", "Micheline tire man" were just some of my nicknames growing up. Having said that i also know just how satisfying it can be to take the steps to change your life for the better. Now they call me "Python Papi". So let me be the guide on your fitness journey!

I believe in a simple, systematic and time tested method to fitness. No fad diets, no absurd curfews on food, no absurd exercises that were designed for no normal human being. I cannot and do not promise quick, easy and frankly unrealistic results. What I do promise however is that if you give me your best I will do the same. Together we can and will reach your goals and have fun doing so.

Professional Background

I graduated civil engineering at Concordia University, believe it or not. During my time there I discovered my love for fitness, and so i put down my iron ring and decided to pump iron instead. After having given out countless free programs to friends and family i decided to pursue my passion as a career.

Having taught senior citizen group classes to training young football athletes and everything in between I can assure you I'm the trainer for you! Years of experience and over a hundred healthy and happy clients later I know my methods work. Whether it's intense fat loss or serious muscle gain just know that I've got you covered!